Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things you need to know right off the bat

I'm a shit typist so expect typos from time to time.  I curse frequently and feverishly. I will use fake names to protect the guilty. 

Balanced Idjit is who I am.  I am astute and know what the hell is going on all the time.  And sometimes I'm just utterly clueless.

If I get trite, maudlin, melancholy, trite (I'm saying trite twice because it's a HUGE pet peeve), needy, complain-y, boring, please call me on it. 

I'm a mom, stepmom, girlfriend, ex-wife, employed, uneducated, heathen with morals.  More on that later.

I have no real reason for writing this blog, except that I like to read funny shit.  And it makes me think about funny shit that goes on in my day to day life...some believable, some not.  But all true.  I figure if it makes me laugh to write it, maybe someone else will find it amusing.  Not to mention funny shit breaks up the work monotony.

Alright Punkins...let's go!

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