Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Removing organs is no picnic.

I had planned, in my naivete, to post regular updates about my hysterectomy. It appears, however, that I am a shit patient and I really don't feel like being a poster child. This shit is for the birds. Recovery SUCKS hairy fetid balls. The only shining beacon is my family which has been incredibly supportive. The man is the best nursemaid e.v.e.r. - he dotes on me. So much so that I'm uncomfortable...I'm not used to having someone care so much for ME that he stands quite figuratively in my shoes. He is doing all the kid taxi/sports/school stuff, he cooks, cleans...the whole nine yards.

Anyway, I've only come here to say I'll come back here when I feel better and my mood isn't somewhere between murderous and maudlin.


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