Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am really bitter about the salaries of sports athletes

So, I've decided to get some professional sports tickets for Baby for Christmas - our NBA is back on, the NFL team is in the playoffs, we have a college bowl game coming in January. So, I go online to buy a handful of random NBA tickets and, WHAT THE FUCK? If I want to sit in a seat and actually SEE the basketball court, the tickets for certain games are outrageous!!! Baby happens to be a Lakers fan. In March, the Houston Rockets host the LA Lakers. But the tickets?  Check it out for yourself....

Rockets Vs. Lakers Tickets

To get the half decent seats, I'd have to spend 1/2 my rent money.  The HELL? And why, WHY do these teams need to charge that much money for simple tickets. It's not like we're asking to sit in an owners box. Or even at floor level. It's astounding. It would be cheaper to FLY to Los Angeles.

Which is also why I encourage my son to do well in sports and get a college scholarship *heh heh*....I have no problem with him having a piece of that pie!

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