Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Removing the KKK hood on my morning commute

Living in Texas has its privileges. Few people bat an eye when you walk into an office building wearing a KKK white sheet. It's the pointed hood that gets the most attention.

For Halloween one year whilst working for a small financial services outfit, the staff was asked to dress up and compete for a variety of Halloween costume and pumpkin carving prizes. There were some excellent costumes that year. I am honored to report that I won $25 for most ballsy costume. I actually recall some audible gasps and "NO SHE DI'INTs" and "you've gotta be shitting me"s when I walked into my offce that fine day. My KKK garb was a HIT! If I can ever figure out how to post damn pics within a blog posting, I'll add the pic. It was full, ankle-length white sheet with matching white pointed hood. I did wear sunglasses so as to remain anonymous (naturally!). For the hood, I did cut a large opening for my face. I would hate to be mistaken for some sort of crook or hijacker. I needed to be readily identified should I need to stop for gas or smokes on the way to work. Don't wanna freak out the natives.

The very very best part about my costume isn't the costume, even. It's the fact that I'm black.

Edited to add: I kind of figured out the damn pic thingy. Don't mind the chick with the falling-off moustache or the asian ya go :D

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