Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where I prove that I may have a lil ADD

I heard on the radio this morning that a guy in South Texas reported seeing a chupacabra.  He swears it was a real chupacabra...or a really hairy coyote. But probably a chupacabra.  I started to look up the news story on the intertubes and I realized that almost all the chupacabra stories and sightings are in Texas. *hmmmmm* Either we're insane here in the south, or there's something sinister lurking.  Until I see my very own chupacabra, I will reserve judgment.

In downtown today, while on my smoke break, I watched a cop pull over a dump truck. The truck drove on for a couple of blocks.  I assume he didn't realize he was being closely followed by the cop since the cop had no siren blaring. They need to figure out a way to put a siren on a horse. This was the second time I've seen a horseman stop a traffic violator. It is very disconcerting.  I think they can only issue tickets, right? I mean, how do you cuff a suspect and put him in the back of.....wait.  ON the back of ....nope.  Just can't see it.

There are lots of animals in Texas.  Lots of animals all the time everywhere.  In the spring driving into work I see no less than 4 species of animals per morning commute: bird of some sort, a pack of vultures [I don't count them as birds because they're just so gross and stuff], bunnies [probably feral, rip-the-skin-off-your-face bunnies, but super cute from a distance], deer [please don't run in front of my moving car], horses and cows. I don't see too many deer in the summer, but they are out in full force in the spring and fall seasons. I think I had a point to make with all this animal talk, but I've since lost interest because...

OOOOH!!  Snacks!!

Buh Bye.

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