Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hurricane is coming. THE HURRICANE IS COMING!

Well, not exactly...

I will be stopping at Walmart on the way home this evening to stock up on supplies for the coming hurricane.  Okay, it's not a hurricane, it's a tropical storm, but I guran-dam-TEE you it will be the only thing Texans talk about from now until the weekend.  And also, I bet a month's rent that Walmart is packed with people in a frenzy: OH GOD! get snacks! GET WATER!! We're all gonna DIE!!!! I love the weather craze in this state.

Tropical Storm Don is entering the Gulf of Mexico and the projected path is Southeast Texas (Houston/Galveston).  Hopefully I'll have some personal "people of walmart" pics for you tomorrow.

UPDATE:  well that was very very disappointing.  There was no mayhem, no pushing and shoving, no wild-eyed feeding frenzy on the bottled water and the charcoal. There wasn't even a misfit available for my photographic pleasure.  Walmart, you continue to disappoint me. And yet...I continue to need you.  We are so dysfunctional. And I just can't quit you.  With anyluck we'll get a good tropical storm and I shall come to you again, after the flood waters recede, to replenish our supplies of low-quality goods and foodstuffs.

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