Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things that make puppies sing and difficult women behave

Yesterday was very trying. UP, down. UP, down. UP, down.

My car developed an severe attitude on Friday night and she decided to act her age.  Which in dog years means she's about 77. She blew a bunch of hoses and she hissed and she whined and she got all hot under the collar. Tempermental bitch. I had to have her towed to the shop but, because it was a long weekend, I had to wait until they opened back up on Tuesday.  I worked from home Tuesday so I could sign the car over to the tow company.  This all means, of course, that I had no way to get to work.

Yesterday, I carpooled with Baby - I dropped him off and took his car in to work. I arrived around 9am. My regular office hours are 830am to 5pm and because I'm a glorified secretary and cannot, apparently, make adult decisions, I must turn in a time card and I have to answer to some overpaid office bitch who is underworked and bored to tears.

Strike #1: late to work

I had planned to leave work early yesterday for my son's first football game. I asked my boss and she was fine with it. She recommended I e-mail the office Nazi, which I did. Apparently it has been decided that certain people I work with HATE me.  I'm cool with that. However, I had a good talking to by The Big Cheese about my work hours. Okay, okay...I hardly ever get to work by 830am. I will not, however, apologize for asking to leave an hour early to go watch my son play football.  Missing a kid event is one of those things a kid remembers for a lifetime. Will my coworkers remember I left an hour early on September 7th, 2011?  Very unlikely.

Strike #2: stern talking to about my work hours

I went to the football game after picking up the daughter from day care.  Baby was already at the game.

UNstrike #1: made it to the game and Baby supported my son (insert hearts and butterflies and kittens stuffed with rainbows)

UNstrike #2:  they won the football game :D

I had my son's optometrist appointment scheduled for tomorrow, but since I didn't know when I was getting the car back from the shop, I called to reschedule. Keep in mind I work from "830am" to 5pm. The eye doc does have late hours twice a week, but they couldn't fit my son in for several weeks. Yeah...that's not gonna work. They offered me a 10am next week.  Again...not gonna work for my schedule.  Really?  How about a 3pm tomorrow.  HELLO?  Perhaps my English isn't so good.  I need to work you into MY schedule know what? It's fine.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to fire you now.

Strike 3: find a new eye doc soonest so my son can get contacts.

I called an eye place near the fired eye place.  Not only are they still close by, but they had THREE Saturday appointments for this weekend. (YEAH!!)

UNstrike #3: scheduled eye appointments

I received a call from my mechanic about the car.  They were all done! YAY!  I can have my car back....after shelling out $511

Strike #4: pay out the ass for some fucking hoses

UNstrike #4: just so happens I have the money to be able to do it and I'll pick up the car Thursday.

The same afternoon (yesterday) I finally got a call back from my doctor.  I've been having a few "women's health issues" and I need to get it resolved soonest.  There are a few things I refuse to give up in my life and sex is one of them. The nurse suggested I come back in for another look-see.  Yeah....good call, sweets.  That's exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully we can come to an agreement on a course of treatment (read: they do what the hell I want them to do).

UNstrike #5: fix uterus

Because I was feeling stressed about all the silliness of the day, I decided to shop.  My type of shopping involved ordering DirectTV for the house so we could catch all the football games and all the premium channels. *HAPPPPPY SIGH* Well, I figure it's better than coming home with a bag full of shoes or jewelry.

UNstrike #6: buy stuff in order to feel better

Oh, I'm sure there were more trials yesterday of the regular sort: traffic, dinner, trash day, homework, carpooling. But all that was forgotten when, after the kids were in bed and the house was quiet, Baby laid me across his lap and played in my hair. This is the final and eternal cure for EVERYTHING.

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  1. Getting a car worked on always turns out to be sooo expensive! Hope the unstrikes outnumbered the strikes!