Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My daughter might be Georgia O'Keeffe reincarnated

If you don’t know who Georgia O’Keeffe is, look her up.  She’s a quite accomplished (now deceased) painter whose artwork seemed to be fully based on vaginas, no matter how much she denied it.  The fact that she traveled and resided with her “good friend” Maria Chabot leads one to believe maaaaybe she knew a whole lot about the nuances and the internal workings of a good vagina.
My 8-year old daughter may be the next Georgia O’Keeffe. Her 3rd grade class was charged with creating a piece of clay artwork to give to a family member.  My daughter made me a dish.  I think.  When she asked what I would do with it, I choked a little and told her I’d save it always.  But what would I DO with it?  I’d admire it. That’s what I would do.  It is absolutely not functional in any way unless you call it ART. Even still, I have no idea how to make art functional.
If you can figure out how to make use of this dish, I’d be happy to hear it.

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