Friday, May 6, 2011

Do you have a Happy Place and is there mac & cheese there?

My happy place involves my man, quiet and busy kids, wine, a peaceful and comfortable place to rest my other words, my living room is my happy place.

Last night my daughter was talking about being stressed out and she doesn't even know why. I talked to her about meditation and finding her Happy Place in order to calm down and reduce some of this stress organically:

Carm: my what?

Me: You know. A place you create in your mind. Like, a quiet field with beautiful lush green grass (with no ants) and maybe a babbling brook and some flowers and butterflies. You know....a nice peaceful zen garden.

Carm: How about a bowl of Mac and Cheese? That's pretty peaceful.

Me: the FUCK?

Carm: Yeah. My Zen Garden is gonna be a pool....a whole POOL of Mac and Cheese. *blissful grin*

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