Thursday, May 19, 2011

Racists make me smile

I'm going to blame the rantings of a lunatic on the fact that no one has invented a way for humans to teleport from their car directly INTO the grocery store. Apparently it's a problem for some people if we actually walk from the car to the store entrance. With our feet.

My daughter and I stopped at the grocery store last night to pick up some goods for the fabulous Teriyaki Ginger stir fry we were concocting that night. As we walked through the parking lot, a car came speeding around the corner and had to stop short to avoid hitting us. We also, obviously, stopped walking when the car stopped. We needed to figure out which way to walk to safety. The very disgruntled trailerish broad opens her door - because I suppose it's hard to afford a car with working windows when you're living in a traler and smoking crack all day - and screams "Fuck you, you fucking nigger bitch". I felt really bad for her. I don't think she expected "Really?" and an open-mouthed bellow of laughter from me.

Here's the thing: I don't EVER give power to the insane. At least not any more. Because the insane have no way of reasoning. They cannot discern what is an appropriate response to almost running over 2 females in a parking lot. To the insane, FUH-REAKING out seems like the right reaction when clearly, it is not. So, why agree with her irrational reaction by getting equally as FUH-RREAKED out? That would make me irrational, yes? Yes.

Here's the other thing: good thing she was in a car speeding away when I turned to laugh at her. I may not be insane, but I do have a leeeeetle bottle of pent up anger that is especially reserved for fucking morons. She could have owned that bottle right then :D

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